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JustBe is a range of Premium Sparkling Italian wines with a twist. Launched in the UK to fill a gap in the market for lifestyle drinks, they are the ideal choice to sip all year round. Made from a blend of two Premium Italian grapes - Verduzzo and Glera they are skilfully blended and infused with flavours for a drink that is a delicious and effortless choice time after time.

JustBe Selling points

A blend of two Premium Italian wines, JustBe drinks taste great and also have a low alcohol content to suit the current market trends. They are stylish, delicious and ideal to enjoy at a whole range of occasions.

Luxury Branding

The JustBe branding is in a luxurious and contemporary white with vibrant colours which represent the flavours inside. The result is an eyecatching and premium style with a real aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Bottle

The fully recyclable aluminum bottle is both environmentally friendly and also helps the drink to stay cooler for longer.


    Easy Pull Bottle Cap:

    Whether serving to a customer or enjoying yourself, the easy pull bottle cap saves time and means you keep freshness without needing a bottle opener. Simply tear off and add a straw!

    100% Natural Ingredients:

    The ingredients that are used come from the best mint, herbs and berries available from growers in Europe. They are completely natural and not only better for you, but taste delicious too.

    Why JustBe?

    JustBe are made from a blend of Premium Italian wines meaning they are of a high quality and taste delicious. They are easy to pop in your bag and (thanks to the aluminium casing) will stay cool all day long. The low alcohol content makes them great to enjoy no matter the occasion.

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